I am currently a freelancer on topics around technology, digital, data and artificial intelligence. I am motivated by reducing the harm caused by technology and trying to make it benefit everyone.

If you want to work with me then there are several ways to get in touch. Try emailing on peterkwells@gmail.com, twitter or even linkedin.

I spent 20 years working with telecoms businesses and regulators in most European countries before accidentally moving into policy. In 2014 I worked in a voluntary role to organise an independent review of digital government for the UK Labour Party. From 2015-2019 I worked in the policy team at the Open Data Institute (ODI).

Having worked with businesses, governments and civil society in policy and delivery roles I have a grasp of the complexity of how technology impacts society, a knack of making that complexity accessible, and the ability to navigate that complexity to try to create change.

Sample public projects

In progress

research and recommendations to increase the adoption of sigstore, a Linux Foundation project to make it easier to sign and verify software

supporting the Centre for Public Data on geospatial data

committee member of the Royal Statistical Society’s Data Ethics & Governance section

advisory member of the Digital Catapult’s MI Garage Ethics Committee

co-chair of the UK Open Government Network working group developing commitments on algorithmic transparency and data ethics for the next National Action Plan


The Hidden Middle for FutureDotNow: the case for businesses to invest in the essential digital skills of their workforce

Reboot Britain for the Alliance for Full Employment: research and policy recommendations for closing the UK’s digital divide

Exit through the App Store for the Ada Lovelace Institute: a rapid evidence review on using technology to transition from the first COVID-19 lockdown

Sample Open Data Institute work:

Open Addresses: an attempt at creating a sustainable not-for-profit organisation that would maintain and publish UK addresses as open data

Making Digital Work for Everyone: an independent review of digital government for the UK Labour Party